SCHOOL BACKGROUND               
In 1954 state schools at Edith Creek, Trowutta, Irishtown, Roger River, Lileah and Nabageena
closed their doors for the last time.
Pupils from these six small schools transferred to the modern Edith Creek Area School with
spacious grounds, trade facilities and home arts block.
In the early 1970’s Edith Creek became a district school.
In 1978 the last of the school’s secondary pupils completed Grade 10.  Edith Creek was now a
primary school.
Today Edith Creek has approximately 60 pupils from Kindergarten to Grade 6 with 14 full and
part time staff.
The facilities, once used by the school’s secondary students have been redeveloped to provide
 splendid large classrooms for our early childhood and primary students.  We also have a music
 room, interview room, a multi purpose room, a Science Resource Centre and a large gymnasium
or hall.
The school farm is used as a basis of the curriculum to give children practical experiences and
decision making opportunities.
Funds are provided by the Department of Education, Commonwealth Government, Parent
Fundraising and our School Farm.
Levies are:                                         
$110.00 Prep to 6
$75.00   Kinder
These levies cover all necessary books, pencils, pens, art materials, cultural performances and
minor excursions. 
Students who receive Student Assistance pay no levies.
Edith Creek is a part of a very strong Circular Head Federation which is made up of all State
Primary Schools in the area.
The schools work together to share resources, provide professional learning for staff members
and increase educational opportunities for students.
These opportunities include sports, a maths challenge and transition activities.
2012  STAFF
John Hudson
Lower Primary                                                 Mrs Jean Rosevears / Mr John Hudson
Middle Primary                                                Mrs Gill Mahoney
Upper Primary                                                  Miss Vicki Kay
Administration Officer                                   Mrs Mardi Charles
Kinder/Library Aide                                        Mrs Valmai Birtwistle                                    
Cleaners                                                         Miss Lynne Greene & Mrs. Sandra Ling
Groundsman                                                   Mr Peter Jackson
Teacher Aide                                                  Ms Fran Joyce
Teacher Aide                                                  Mrs Debbie Butt
Guidance Officer                                                             
Speech Pathologist                                                        
Student support staff visit the school on a regular basis.
This guide is a very brief outline of school procedures.  The school also has an extensive list of
 school policies which are available to parents on request.
School begins                                                    9.00 a.m.
Recess                                                              10.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Lunch                                                                12.40 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.
End of School Day                                             2.55  p.m.
There are no teachers on duty before 8.30 a.m. so children should not arrive at school before
that time unless otherwise negotiated with staff.
School Bank Day is Tuesdays with the Commonwealth Bank.  Bank books are returned to the
students on Thursday.  New Account forms are available from school on request.  The bank does
not require student identification if new accounts are opened through the school.
Valmai Birtwhistle           
(School Banking  Officer)
The school’s operations are overseen by a School Association. The role of the School Association 
is to ensure that the school is run according to the policies established by the school community.             
The school conducts parent/teacher interviews in term 2. 
It is expected that all families will attend the mid-year parent/teacher interviews. All
teachers welcome contact with parents at any time of year.  If you require an appointment
we ask that you phone and arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.
Contractors:  N.A. & S.A. Wells
Transport to and from school is free.
Bus Leaves:                                                                        Bus Returns:
Lileah at 8.00 a.m.                                                            by 3.50 p.m.
Roger River West 7.35 a.m.                                              by 3.50 p.m.
Trowutta 8.10 a.m.                                                            by 3.30 p.m.
Smithton – through Irishtown
Queries concerning bus timetables and bus routes can be dealt with by contacting the bus
 contractor on 64522900.
Children will only be permitted to go with another adult (other than their parents) if the school
has been previously informed by letter, phone or personally by parents.  This will help overcome
 the ‘stranger’ problem.
All children must line up in bus lines until dismissed.  This includes children going home with parents.
 Parents wishing to collect their children from school, other than at 3.00 p.m. should first see
the Principal or another staff member before proceeding to the child’s classroom.
If there is any change to your child’s travel arrangements would you please contact the school
by letter.
In an emergency a phone call will be adequate.
Adherence to the policy is considered essential to ensure that your child is kept safe.
Please Note:  Children are not permitted to leave the bus until it reaches their “Home Stop”.
Any change to this should be notified in writing to the school.
Discussion sessions, guest speakers, films, fundraising, allocation of funds and running of the
School Farm are some of the areas in which the Parents & Friends are involved.  All parents
and community members are invited to attend the meetings.
This is run on a Tuesday and a Thursday by the school and volunteer helpers.  Its purpose is to
 provide nutritious, tasty lunches for students at a modest price.  Canteen food varies each term
and a new canteen list is sent out on the newsletter accordingly.
When enrolling your child, you will be asked to provide medical details.  This is for use by school
staff who need to know details of any medical condition your child may have and any allergies
you know of. We have teachers qualified in First Aid.
Every year,  grades 3/4/5 take part in a Learn-to-Swim campaign provided by the Department
of Education.
Because of the high priority placed on Learn-to-Swim by parents, the school also provides a
water orientation programme for all infants to Grade 2 and Learn-to-Swim programme for
Grade 6.  The cost of these programmes is covered by the school.
School equipment may be used by parents and community groups upon request.  Where costs
are incurred, e.g. fax or photocopier, a charge is required to cover costs.  The public is also welcome
to use facilities such as tennis courts out of school hours.  All we ask is that users take
 responsibility for children and supervise at all times.
This group meets in the Kindergarten room on Wednesdays from 11.00 to 12.30. All parents
and children are welcome to join this group. Parents are able to use Kinder equipment during
these sessions but are responsible for their own programme with the assistance of the  Aide. 
The group is responsible for packing away all equipment used in these sessions.  We find this group
 is an ideal way to introduce your child to the school environment and staff thus making it much
easier for them to feel safe and confident on their first day at school.
School uniform is strongly encouraged because we believe that the wearing of a school uniform
helps develop pride in one’s school.  It also is less expensive for parents.
Our uniform can be purchased through the school and is sold at cost price.  Clean secondhand
items are also available.  Just contact the school for details.
Children are required to wear a hat whenever outside.  This applies all year round except for
the winter months.  Hats in school colours are available through the school office.
The school sometimes requires support in providing the best possible learning programmes
for individual children.  Guidance Officers are qualified to carry out tests to assess children’s ability
or to diagnose learning difficulties.  Parents are always consulted before the Guidance Officer
 is involved and all results are shared with parents.
A social worker is available to assist students who may be experiencing personal or
behavioural problems.  Referral to a social worker must first be approved by parents.
The School Dental Service is available to all school children undergoing full time primary
and secondary education, as well as children under school age. The children are usually treated at
the Smithton Dental Clinic once a year, by a dental therapist.  The dental therapist is qualified to
carry out many routine dental procedures on children up to 16 years of age.  Any abnormality
or condition beyond a dental therapists’ scope is referred to the supervising district dental officer
 for attention.  The therapist also play a role in prevention of dental problems by teaching the
children how to care for their teeth.  As some dental work may cause complications to certain
medical conditions, a medical form is required to be filled out by the parents or guardian of each
child before commencing treatment.  This ensures that we have an up to date  medical history of
the child and may plan treatment without risk to their health.  A consent form is also filled in every
3 years, and at certain other times may also be required.  Treatment is available through the
dental service  all year round.  If a child requires treatment please contact the Smithton Clinic 
 on 64524936  or otherwise the district  dental officer can be contacted  in Wynyard on 64422554.
A qualified PE teacher takes Physical Education with all classes present.
The Circular Head Cluster of schools conducts a winter sports roster for grades 5/6 during winter.
Our extensive grounds, facilities and equipment means that children are physically active during
their free time and the school farm activities also contribute to an active lifestyle.
The Circular Head Science Resource Centre is based at our school.  This centre supports the
teaching and learning of science throughout Circular Head’s Primary Schools by lending out
science kits of equipment, materials and information.  Parents are welcome to view the Centre
by making an appointment with the aide, Lynne Greene.
Parents who transport their child/children 5 or more kilometres to the bus stop or to school
are entitled to an allowance.  Application forms are available from the school.
Parents are asked either:
Contact the school (especially if their child/children are to be absent for more than 2 or 3 days).
Provide a written note giving reason for absenteeism.
The school library is one of many facilities of the school which is regarded as a priority in meeting
the children’s needs.  The library is well stocked with both fiction and non-fiction books and materials.
 Borrowing takes the form of the following:
a)       Classroom borrowing – books are selected by the children for the use in the class.
b)       Individual borrowing – children studying for special project work.
c)       Personal – children are encouraged to select and borrow books for private reading at home.
Each class visits the library once a week on either a Tuesday or Thursday.
Borrowing time -  one (1) week, but extensions are allowed on request to the library aide or class teacher.
Library bags –      these are essential for borrowing.
Lost or damaged books – this occurs from time to time therefore it is appreciated if the school
is notified by phone or note so appropriate steps can be taken.
Every child, at some time, will come home with complaints about some aspect of school life.  It
may be a disagreement with other children, or a feeling of being unfairly treated by a staff member.
We encourage you to listen to your child and take their concerns seriously.  Sometimes it is enough
 just to listen.  However, you should feel free to come and discuss your child’s concerns with us.  It
is much easier for the school to find the “whole truth” than it is for parents.  Staff members will
take your concerns seriously and will take appropriate action.
Education is a partnership between parents and teachers.  Parent involvement is both welcome
and encouraged.  There are many ways you can become involved if you choose to do so.  These
are some ways:
Parent Help in classroom
Accompany class groups on excursions when required
Voluntary farm help
Working bees
Parents and Friends
If you are unable to help in the above ways then that is OK.  We understand that not all parents
are able to do so, for a variety of reasons but assisting children with home reading programmes
 and/or supervising homework demonstrates your commitment to education. You can also support
 the school by placing importance on children’s attendance and by always encouraging your child’s
This information has been provided to help answer the many questions that new families have.  We
 hope it is a help to you and our doors are always open.  Any questions you still have don’t hesitate to
 call in or phone.